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Tiffany, a very happy resume client, talks about her experiences using Right Your Resume®. Her resume led to an immediate job interview and ultimately an offer for the first position she applied for. The new job included a 35% increase in salary.

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"I first contacted Right Your Resume to help me with my resume while I was in my second semester of graduate school. Resume writing has never been my strong suit, and with Right Your Resume's help I was able to land my first job in my industry. While the work at the company wasn't exactly what I wanted, my position there and the quality of my resume attracted multiple recruiters. One of those recruiters came to me with an offer for interesting work that provides a positive service to society, with great benefits (25 days PTO!) and high pay for someone with my level of experience. Right Your Resume's work helped me take the first steps in my career and provided a fast track to success in my field."
- CN Atlanta, Georgia

"Right Your Resume's experience brings a unique perspective to their resume writing since they know first-hand what recruiters look for when reviewing resumes. After spending many years in a company, I decided to look for a new job to support my career's growth and had no idea how to write my resume. Right Your Resume provided excellent suggestions and editorial opinions on what I needed to do. They were very punctual and thorough in getting the drafts and changes to me. I even received a compliment from the recruiter of my new company on how great my resume read. I highly recommend Right Your Resume for your resume writing needs!"
- SL Atlanta, Georgia

"I'm VERY happy to report that [company] offered me a job today! I actually was offered that job as [position at a second company] as well [...] It's basically my dream job. I've wanted to work at [company] for about five years now. Thanks so very much for you help with the resume! I think it really helped me stand out and helped make that solid first impression!"
- DB, Denver, Colorado

"As a recruiter, I was very impressed with the resume I reviewed. It was clear, concise and had the perfect balance between learning enough about a candidate without giving too much information. The resume gave a great first impression of the candidate."
FJ, Recruiter, Columbus, OH

"Right Your Resume provides an invaluable service--in an efficient, thoughtful, and timely manner, I received edits and advice that dramatically improved the quality of my cover letters and resume. I was so impressed by the careful attention to detail and to my personal goals as a job seeker. I felt far more at ease sending off my materials, knowing that they were well refined and of a higher professional standard. I could not be more satisfied with the results of my experience, and I would highly recommend Right Your Resume to anyone looking to improve their job search or application materials."
BL, St. Louis, MO

"In an increasingly competitive world, I knew that in order to get my foot in the door I needed to have a stellar resume. After working with Right Your Resume, I went from being declined for all interviews I had applied for to achieving an incredible paid internship with Nationwide Insurance. I could not have achieved any of my success without the incredible attention to detail and success that Right Your Resume has to offer. There is no question that I will use Right Your Resume® for future services."
DK, Columbus, OH

"I could hardly believe the transformation when I read over my cover letter and resume that Right Your Resume revised for me. They have this incredible way of phrasing each and every one of your skills in a completely unique way. More importantly, she has the ability to set your cover letter and resume above the rest and really make you stand out against the competition. You will not be disappointed in the results Right Your Resume® provides, that I guarantee you!"
EE, Atlanta, GA

"Right Your Resume gave my resume and cover letter that extra edge that it needed to get me noticed. I found a job shortly thereafter and I give most of the credit to the corrections that Right Your Resume made in my work. They were incredibly professional. I highly recommend Right Your Resume and have recommended them to all of my friends!"
SK, Charlotte, NC

"I had been looking for a job for about a year when I decided to see if fixing my resume would help. The consultant I worked with at Right Your Resume really took the time and energy to go through my resume piece by piece to get an understanding of my strengths and qualifications. She was able to create new and inventive ways of making my resume pop! Nearly the first time I used my revised resume to apply for a job, I landed an interview and was told in the interview that my resume rocked! One week later, I got the job. I will definitely share this amazing site with my friends and highly recommend it to everyone!"
DH, Atlanta, GA

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